Worksheets & Activities

Japanese to English email phrases
MacMillan Business
Writing emails in preparation for meetings
Hanyang Gowl
Formal letter layout
Email English Worksheets
Formal or informal?
Missing words and abbreviations
Key phrases
Opening & closing
Giving news
Internal messages
Arranging a meeting
Invitations & directions
Negotiating a project
Checking understanding
Verb forms
Common mistakes
A customer supplier sequence
Inquiries & orders
Discussing & agreeing terms
Asking for payment
Describing business trends
Cause,effect, contrast
Report structure & key phrases
Linking words & relative clauses
Being direct & brief
Being indirect & polite
Being friendly
Advice & suggestions
Job application
Business English emails to copy & paste
Email error correction worksheets page
Email paragraphing and punctuation worksheets page
Email vocab worksheets page
Formality/ politeness in emailing worksheets page
Emailing functional language worksheets page
Prepositions in emails worksheets page
Emails to academic staff page
Email and telephone worksheets page (comparing and contrasting the two)
15 ways to make emailing practice fun (article with game ideas)
Match the email phrase startings and endings
Business emails tips and useful phrases
Emailing phrases Which is more common?
Give advice on emailing and other business communication (with useful phrases for advice)
Use the starting and ending emails phrases
Opening and closing emails game
FCE (First Certificate in English) Writing- Application Letter Tasks
Email and letter phrases key word sentence transformations
Use and continue the common email phrases
Key words in business writing tense review games
Key words in business writing Word formation games
Emailing roleplays and brainstorming useful phrases
Completing email phrases brainstorming
Open cloze practice of emailing phrases 
Emails to academic staff Tips and useful phrases
Email determiners pairwork
Emails to report on meetings
Opening and closing emails phrases The same or different
Acceptable but rare email expressions
Business chain emails game
Business chain emails game lower level version
Business English Emails- Too Informal
Business English Emails- Vocabulary & Collocations
Email and Letter Phrases- Sentence Transformations
Email and Telephoning- Determiners Pairwork
Email formal and informal functional language review
Email functions- Correcting & Brainstorming
Email Paragraphing
Email Phone Collocations
Email Phrases
Email Politeness Game
Email Prepositions Pairwork
Email- Determiners Pairwork
Email- Formality
Emailing Roleplays
Emailing Roleplays 2
Emailing- Common Phrases
Emailing- Formal and Informal Phrases
Emailing- giving advice on business communication
Emailing- Starters and Endings
Emails- Offers & Commands
Emails- Opening & Closing
Upper Intermediate / Advanced
Emailing Phrases- Brainstorming
Emailing- Needs Analysis and Functional Language Review


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