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Accountancy & Finance English

Collection of 12 lessons – pdf, audio and script
Business English Site

Online Vocabulary Exercises – Can be Printed

General finance related vocabulary 1
General finance related vocabulary 2
General finance related vocabulary 3
General finance related vocabulary 4 
General finance related vocabulary 5 
Finance: Jobs in finance 1
Starting a Business: Business Plans 1
Starting a Business: Business Plans 2
Starting a Business: Business Plans 3
Stock Market/Trading 1
Stock Market/Trading 2
Stock Market/Trading 3
Accounting vocabulary (matching) 1
English for Accounting 1
English for Accounting 2
English for Accounting 3
English for Accounting 4
English for Accounting 5
English for Accounting 6
Taxes/Tax-related vocabulary 1
Taxes/Tax-related vocabulary 2
Taxes/Tax-related vocabulary 3
Taxes/Tax-related vocabulary 4
Loans/Loan-related vocabulary 1
Loans/Loan-related vocabulary 2
Loans/Loan-related vocabulary 3
Banking vocabulary (matching) 1
Banking vocabulary (matching) 2
ESL – Banking Vocabulary 1
ESL – Banking Vocabulary 2
ESL – Banking Vocabulary 3
ESL – Banking Vocabulary 4
ESL – Banking Vocabulary 5
ESL – Banking Vocabulary 6
ESL – Banking Vocabulary 7

Airline Staff English

Airline Vocabulary
Airline Vocabulary Quiz
Checking-in Passengers

Architectural English

How to teach architects English
Stimulating classroom activities for architectural vocabulary
Teaching ideas on the topic of cities
Homes and architecture Pictionary
Defining architecture vocabulary )
Public spaces vocabulary and speaking
Architectural crises roleplays
Telephoning roleplays and vocab for architects
Architecture dimensions guessing game 
Renovating a hotel
Architecture vocabulary review
Numbers practice for architects 
English for architects Present Simple and Continuous
Adjectives to describe architecture
Advanced architecture vocabulary
Architecture rotating revision board game
Architecture vocabulary by category
Architecture vocabulary list dictation
Describing architecture drawing games
Innovations that most changed architecture
Architecture Japanese English
Japanese architecture
Where you live vocab

Artist English

Discussion questions using images 
Defining art
Art and media extended speaking revision board game
Art vocabulary discussion games
Describing art drawing games
Describing art extended speaking
Art discussion questions
Make the art discussion questions
Upper Intermediate art vocabulary
Post-gallery visit discussion

Cashier English

Cashier Vocabulary
Cashier Vocabulary Quiz
Cashier Transactions
Cashier Customer Service

Engineering English

ESL Right Now
Describing a Process
Discussing Technical Problems – Lithium Ion Batteries
Cars of The Future – Hybrid & Driverless Cars
IELTS describing processes task index page
Numbers worksheets page
How to teach English for engineers
Lessons on inventions in EFL classes

Lesson plans with worksheets

Technical and medical numbers game lesson
Technical English measurements and superlatives lesson


Past, present and future inventions vocabulary and speaking
Office inventions Tense review and speaking Extended version
Engineering vocabulary list dictation
Future inventions guess the year game
Engineering dimensions and comparing games 
Advantages and disadvantages of future technologies
OA past tenses
Office automation vocab
Technical countable/ uncountable nouns game
Technical English mimes
Technical English mimes version 2
Numbers review from computer engineers
Technology vocabulary guessing and discussion
FCE speaking on the future and technology 
Describing objects
Technical/ Medical regular simple past verb list
Technology find things in common
Computer abbreviations
Inventions guessing game 
IELTS Speaking Part Two presentations on technology

Food & Drink Staff English

Vocabulary Quiz
Serving a Table
Understanding your Guests
The Menu
Behind the Bar
The Back of the House

IT English

Business English Site
Choose the right synonym (Information Technology) 1
Choose the right synonym (Information Technology) 2
Choose the right synonym (Information Technology) 3
Talking about new technology, tech products 1
Talking about new technology, tech products 2
Talking about new technology, tech products 3
Cellphones/mobiles/wireless devices 1
Cellphones/mobiles/wireless devices 2
Social media related vocabulary 1
Social media related vocabulary 2
Troubleshooting/I.T. Tech support 1
Web Hosting Terms/Expressions 1
Web Hosting Terms/Expressions 2
Web Hosting Terms/Expressions 3
Content Management (ECM, etc.) 1
Content Management (ECM, etc.) 2
Search Engine Optimization 1
Search Engine Optimization 2
Search Engine Optimization 3
Search Engine Optimization 4
Web/Online Videos
English for Web Design 1
English for Web Design 2
English for Web Design 3
English for Web Design 4
ESL Vocabulary: Programmers 1
ESL Vocabulary: Programmers 2
ESL Vocabulary: Programmers 3
ESL Vocabulary: Programmers 4
Database Administration (DBA) 1
Database Administration (DBA) 2
Database Administration (DBA) 3
Database Administration (DBA) 4
IT Project Management 1
IT Project Management 2

 Legal English

British Council
Lawyer’s Coursebook


Legal issues supporting your arguments
Differences between legal vocabulary
Legal trivia numbers pairwork

Online practice

International Legal English vocabulary trainer

Related pages

Cambridge ILEC exam free resources page
My crime vocabulary and speaking page
Illegal downloads reading and discussion
Crime and punishment vocabulary/ speaking
Decide on the punishment passive tenses
Past and present crime vocabulary and speaking
Crime vocabulary storytelling game
Crime 20 questions guessing game
The Perfect Crime vocabulary guess the story
Crime tense review

 Hotel Staff English

Hotel and Accomodations Vocabulary
Hotel and Accomodations Vocabulary Quiz
Taking a Reservation
Checking guests in and out

Medical & Pharmaceutical English

Vocabulary Quiz
Human Body
Human Body Quiz
Medical Supplies
Medical Specialists
Doctor’s Diagnosis
Visiting Hours
Booking Appointments
Scientific proof of alternative medicine
Body image problems for men 
Denial of treatment for smokers and the obese
The roots of medical English

Medical pronunciation worksheets

Technical and medical a and u pairwork
Medical English difficult sounds pairwork

Medical worksheets including grammar

Technical and medical Simple Past pronunciation
Medical moral dilemmas for second conditional
Passive tenses medical breakthrough dominoes
Medical English articles definitions game
Medical vocabulary Relative clauses definitions game 

Other medical worksheets

Medical English mimes
Health problems mimes
Medical jokes
Medical problems and symptoms guessing
Medicine discussion questions
The history of medical English
Analysing medical vocabulary
Food and health discussion
Dieting discussion questions

Police English

Vocabulary Quiz
Crime and Punishment
Crime and Punishment Quiz
Helping Tourists
Traffic and Traffic Accidents
Questioning a Witness
Asking for Identification

Sales & Marketing English

Business English Site
Choose the right synonym (Sales & Marketing) 1
Choose the right synonym (Sales & Marketing) 2
Choose the right synonym (Sales & Marketing) 3
Choose the right synonym (Sales & Marketing) 4
Choose the right synonym (Sales & Marketing) 5
English for Sales 1
English for Sales 2
English for Sales 3
English for Sales 4
English for Sales 5
English for Sales – Trade Shows 1
English for Sales – Trade Shows 2
Marketing Vocabulary 1
Marketing Vocabulary 2
Marketing Vocabulary 3
Marketing Vocabulary 4
Marketing Vocabulary 5
Marketing Vocabulary 6
Marketing Vocabulary 7
Marketing Vocabulary 8
Marketing Vocabulary 9
Marketing Vocabulary 10
Marketing Vocabulary 11 
Marketing Vocabulary 12 
Marketing Vocabulary 13 
Greenification 1
Advertising vocabulary (matching) 1
Advertising vocabulary (matching) 2
Advertising Vocabulary 1
Advertising Vocabulary 2
Advertising Vocabulary 3
Advertising Vocabulary 4
Advertising Vocabulary 5

Tour Guide English

Vocabulary Quiz
Answering Questions
Explaining safety, rules and etiquette
Showing Places of Interest
Sample Tour Guide Speech

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