EL Gazette (it’s short for ‘English Language Gazette’ ) is the London-based international monthly newspaper for the English Language Teaching (ELT) industry and international English-medium education.

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Founded in October 1978, EL Gazette was originally EFL Gazette (‘English as a Foreign Language’). As the industry moved from purely English language instruction to offering education in English, so the emphasis of EL Gazette has changed. It is an independent publication, the result of a 1980s editorial buy-out from a subsidiary of Robert Maxwell’s Trinity Mirror group.

Readership – EL Gazette print edition
EL Gazette has a paid-for print edition (a paper ‘hard-copy’) – between 12 and 20 pages – available by subscription via Webscribe (

As of March 2013 there were approximately 1000 subscribers to the EL Gazette print edition, receiving it by post. Many of these print edition copies go to staff rooms and to institutions such as the British Council, so each copy of the Gazette is seen by multiple readers – an average of seven people looking at each print copy. In total, an estimated 14,000 people look at each print edition of the EL Gazette.

As of February 2013, 70 per cent of these readers of the EL Gazette in print were in the UK (approximately 9,800 readers), 14 per cent of EL Gazette readers in print were in the rest of Western Europe, 7 per cent were in Australia and New Zealand, 3 per cent in Central and South America.

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