Christina Markoulaki

Christina Markoulaki

This is a blog created to demonstrate the teachers’ and students’ work done throughout the year in our school.

First of all, various classroom projects are frequently published. The students now have the opportunity to exhibit their English skills through the Internet and thus obtain a sense of achievement or even develop extra motives to do their otherwise ‘boring’ homework.

It is to be noted that only few mistakes have been corrected, as some of them would probably confuse the reader. Apart from that, the pieces of writing published always reflect the thoughts and progress made by the particular student.

On this page, you can also find a collection of interesting online texts, videos and links aiming at training students’ critical and writing skills through the written comments they can leave under such posts.

A series of reflections on teaching have made their appearance on our page lately, causing us to change the previous title (i.e. Students’ Page) to the all-inclusive ‘Teaching and Learning English’.

We hope you will enjoy reading our blog and manage to take the time to leave your comment. Have fun!

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