Doing Some Thinking

Doing Some Thinking

I’m Henrick Oprea, the author of this blog. I’ve been teaching English since 1997 and even though I’d decided I wanted to be a teacher in high school, it wasn’t until I really started joining the teaching community – not only walking into classrooms – that I found out how passionate I am about teaching and learning. My initial idea was to teach History, and I even started my university course in History, but I wound up in a language classroom as some of my teachers had told me that it’d be nice to get the hang of teaching and experience it first-hand by teaching whatever I could before I graduated. It turns out I fell in love with teaching English and, after a couple of changes in life, I ended up getting my B.A. in English and literature from the University of Brasília (Brazil) and, later on, my post-graduate degree in TEFL/TESL (Teaching English as a foreign language / Teaching English as a second language) from the University of Birmingham.

I’m currently the Director of Studies at Atlantic Idiomas, a language institute in Brasília I co-founded in November 2005. This has given me the chance to try my hand at a wide array of techniques which I’d been reading and discussing about online – fortunately, these have worked more often than not. I’m keen on technology and its benefits for education, but I think of myself as a teachers who enjoys working with teaching in many different ways, and I also believe in the dialogic, co-constructed, and reactive nature of teaching if we are to succeed in helping our students learn.

Doing Some Thinking is the title of this blog as I use to, well, do some thinking on matters related to ELT and education in general – and I’ve grown more and more interested in education as a whole as time goes by. Needless to say, I also consider teaching English as education, and not simple the mere learning of grammar and vocabulary. Feel free to browse through my thoughts and comment on the posts. After all, learning is co-constructed, and the more we engage in discussions, the better our understanding of the topics will be.

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