English for the workplace

English for the workplace

About this blogWhat I would like to do is provide a forum for those of us who work with people who actually need English to make their intercultural workplace communication more effective and more efficient. I often feel that our industry, and here I am talking not only about teachers but also about publishers / testers / schools etc, tends to lump such learners in together with pre-experience learners, providing books, exams and courses where one size fits all, even though the needs are often so different. How can the needs of a middle-aged sales engineer be anything like those of a twenty-one year old who is still at university? Why does grammar teaching still play such an important role, when what we should be talking about is teaching meaning? How can we train business English teachers (and schools) to really analyse the corporate perspective on what language training is all about, instead of simply paying lip service to the whole process of needs analysis? I think our job is to minimize misunderstanding in intercultural communication, so that people can do their work, but I am not sure this is really where the focus is.I would like to share some of my thoughts on these and similar issues, and I hope that you do too.

About me

My name is Evan Frendo. I’m a freelance trainer, teacher trainer and author, and have been involved in teaching English for the workplace since 1993. Although I live in Berlin, most of my work is elsewhere and I spend a lot of time traveling. I work mostly with corporate clients, either training or consulting, as well as language training providers. Recent projects have included courses for German executives who need to work with Asian varieties of English, working as an instructor on the New School’s MATESOL program, and helping to develop the new LCCI English for Accounting award. I also run teacher training courses and workshops in different parts of Europe and Asia. I normally go to a conference every couple of months, and you can find handouts and slides from some of my talks here. I enjoy writing, and have published various books and articles over the years – click here to see more. Towards the end of 2014 I helped found a new company providing elearning solutions for corporate clients – you can see the website here . And here is a recent interview on how I got into teacher training. And if you would like to get in contact, you can email me here.

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