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Ozge Karaoglu’s Blog

“A non-native English teacher and a very fast-talker and happy to be!”

Hi and you are reading my, Özge Karaoğlu’s, blog right now…

I am a 30+ year old English teacher, a freelance teacher trainer and educational consultant in teaching young/very young learners + teaching with web based technologies; for international organizations, schools and institutes in Istanbul,Turkey. I am currently working at a private school as the K4 technology specialist and an EFL teacher  and enjoying every minute of it.

I am the content and the project developer of the ‘Smurfs ELT Series’ who are featuring the Smurfs characters to teach English to young learners. The series are in three levels including 18 readers, 18 workbooks, interactive activities, parents guide, posters and teachers’ materials.

I am the writer of ‘Minigon’ ELT book series that includes ten stories, two activity books for the  two different volumes and the parents guide. I have also written the songs and composed two of them.

I am the writer of the ‘My First Digital Journey’ e-book that I have written with Jennifer Verschoor that is published by the Round.

I am the educational coordinator of ’Yes I Speak English‘ DVD series that are designed to give EFL children a jump- start in English. I’m also the script and screenplay writer of these DVD series and we have just completed an activity book that accompanies the DVD series.

I have been doing many projects with my kids. I have led the projects where my kids have created the very first cartoon, very first digital games series and very first i-phone/i-pad application that are drawn, coloured, animated and dubbed by kindergarten children in the world.

I and my colleague Demet Küyük have released our first not free app this year (2014), which features a cute girl that aims at teaching children to learn and practice English. We are developing  more apps at the moment.

I have also worked as an ITDI Associate an edtech blogger on Techlearning.

I’m  the author of this blog where I write about teaching English through technology and web based based tools and applications to help educators to develop themselves. My blog has been ranked in the 50 Best Blogs for Education Leaders, in the Top 50 Education Technology Blogs, in the Top 50 Blog for e-Learning Tools and Tips as well as nominated for  different Edublogs Awards.

You can find me posting on this blog or TechLearning with regular updates.

Read about my awards&nominations here; my projects here and the conferences that I am speaking here.

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