Separated by a Common Language

Separated by a Common Language

“Lynneguist” is M Lynne Murphy, Reader* in Linguistics & English Language at the University of Sussex. Click on “My Web Page” to get to my University page. Please use the ‘Contact Lynneguist’ link on the blog homepage for all blog-related business. You’re invited to test any hypotheses presented here. Please report your results in the comments area! The story so far… Lynneguist moved to the south coast of England in January 2000, having lived in the US most of her life and in South Africa for 4 years in the 1990s. Here, she’s met her Better Half (in 2002), made the shift from expat to dual citizen (2006) & become Mummy to daughter Grover (2007; yes, that’s a pseudonym) while teaching & researching in semantics, pragmatics and psycholinguistics. *’Reader’ is a UK academic title that has no exact North American counterpart; it’s sort of between US ‘Associate Professor’ & ‘Professor’. See my 30 Apr 08 post for more about academic titles

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