World Wide Words

World Wide Words

After Cambridge University, where he studied physical sciences, he joined BBC radio as a studio manager. “The job was a fascinating blend of techie and creative artist,” he says. “Though at times you were dogsbody, equipment operator and referee rolled into one”. After that, he helped to start local radio in Britain, at BBC Radio Brighton, where he produced programmes about the countryside, books, consumer affairs, religion, student life and the local and general elections. He then moved to Plymouth, where he helped to start a breakfast-time two-hour sequence of news and local features.

A chance encounter with the warden of a local visitor attraction led him to make a slide-tape programme for its visitors. “I didn’t know this was new; it just seemed interesting. It was only when people began to come from all over Britain to see it, and then ask me if I could make one for them, that I realised.” For four years he ran his own business making interpretive audio-visual programmes for most national agencies in Britain and many visitor attractions.

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