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George Chilton is an English teacher and writer based in Barcelona, Spain. He came to the city in 2008 with a plan to stay for 6 months. Spanish time is a little different to the rest of the world.

He’s sharing some of the ESL lessons he uses in this blog.

Neil McMillan is an English Teacher and Teacher-Trainer also based in Barcelona. He also writes, makes music and DJs, and studies Catalan and Spanish. In between all that he climbs hills and protests a lot. Perhaps too much.

We think ESL lessons should be…

Fun  and inspiring  and useful and relevant and spontaneous and intelligent and unplugged and sometimes surprising. And they shouldn’t follow the rules.

Then again…

For the most part, the “designer lessons”  aim to elicit natural language in order to create a dialogic relationship between the teacher and the learner. In other words, we believe  that student motivation is highest in a class where the students have opportunities to take the lead while the teacher guides, resulting in a co-creation of language in an environment that encourages both freedom of expression and the free-flow of student-led questions.

We’re not saying that if you use these lessons your students are gonna leave the class sounding like something from Emmerdale, but – with a bit of luck – they’re going to have had something resembling a real-life conversation.

So these lessons…

Aim to engage and promote conversation in a semi-controlled way. Ultimately, the teacher is responsible for guiding and correcting the language production in class. So we hope these ideas give a decent-enough framework and help to create  an energetic, spontaneous environment in which to teach.

Developing Teachers

Developing Teachers.com dedicates itself to a variety of activities within the field of  language education. We are based in Spain and consist of a group of highly qualified and experienced language trainers, teacher trainers, managers, administrators and computer experts. It is the pooling of these specialisations, experience and resources which makes Developing Teachers.com an expert organisation capable of meeting the needs of the language teacher, the language learner, the corporate client and the language centre. Our preferred method of contact is through the form below. Developing Teachers.com was founded by, & continues to be run by, Alistair Dickinson.

Easy ESL Games

ESL games are what make any ESL classroom great. Our goal is to become the largest resource for ESL / EFL teachers on the web but we can’t do it without your help. Our community of contributors is growing everyday and thanks to your input our games and resources are improving rapidly. If there is any ideas you’d like to see, questions you might have or ideas you’d like to contribute, let us know. Our ESL games are made by ESL teachers for ESL teachers. We all have good ideas and if we work together we can make them great.

Education World

Education World is a complete online resource that teachers, administrators and school staff can visit each day to find high-quality and in-depth original content. We update the site daily, offering:

Carefully curated news briefs on topics that matter to educators;
Lesson plans, printables, worksheets and thousands of other classroom-ready resources;
EdTech tips and ideas as well as reviews of apps, websites and tech products; and
A huge library of professional development articles and columns.


EFL Sensei

About EFL Sensei

Our Lessons
Our aim is to help EFL teachers all over the world get innovative ideas to make their classes more communicative and enjoyable.

The main focus with all the lessons is on communication, so this is not a website with boring worksheets. We offer high-quality, original lessons and activities that will get students out of their seats and speaking English.

Easy-to-navigate website

We’ve found that some of the popular ESL websites are confusing and difficult to navigate. We’ve tried to make the activities as easy to find as possible. If in doubt, try the search button at the top-right corner of the screen.

Free PDF Downloads

All of our handouts, game boards, and communication cards are easily downloadable. Find the Downloads section for each lesson under the lesson description

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ELT Base

Welcome to ELTbase, a database of resources for teachers and students of English as a second or foreign language. You will find 218 English language quizzes and 336 ESL worksheetsindexed by language point and linked to leading course books for English as a foreign / second language. All resources are copyright but free for you to download and use as you wish.

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ELT Games

The aims of this website
This site aims to provide free, easy-to-use English-teaching activities which will generate lots of fun, dynamic communication in your classes. It has been operating since the middle of November 2007. We hope you find it useful now, and we aim to expand and improve it over the coming months.

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ELT Rants, Reviews, and Reflections

I am currently working at a university in Seoul where I usually divide my time between English-focused classes (Discussion and Professional Communications) for graduate students in international studies and seminars in simultaneous interpretation for future interpreters. Sometimes I teach classes in which I have limited or no expertise like global politics or business communication. Teacher training and development is sort of a hobby at the moment. I present quite a lot around Korea and am generally pretty available to present with some advanced notice and ego stroking.  

In this blog I am hoping to share and develop my thoughts about ELT and teacher development. And yes, some occasional rants.

I am @michaelegriffin on twitter and my profile there once said I am an:

EFL teacher,teacher-educator,interpreter coach, writer,connector,talker,listener,nudger,editor,why guy, workshopper,feedbacker, #KELTchat -ter.

It used to say “missionary of reflective practice” but I’m becoming  less and less comfortable with that description.

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