Welcome to IATEFL
With over 4,000 members IATEFL is one of the most thriving communities of ELT teachers in the world.

Our mission to “Link, develop and support English Language Teaching professionals” worldwide is achieved through:

Regular publications, including six copies of our magazine IATEFL Voices and a free conference selections publication.
The Annual International Conference with an extensive programme of talks and workshops, which attracts over 2,000 delegates.
Fifteen Special Interest Groups to help teachers develop their own lines of interest.
Reduced rates on a number of selected professional journals.
Funding support through Scholarships so that deserving teachers can get involved in our Annual Conference, SIG events and online courses.
Links with Teachers' Associations in other countries for teachers to share knowledge and experience.
Assistance in helping new groups to establish their own a local Teachers' Association, including advice on how they can make the most of support and funding benefits.

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IATEFL Slovenia

IATEFL Slovenia is above all a community. Everybody brings into it and takes out whatever they feel appropriate and we are lucky enough that our members are dedicated to their profession and consider it their mission rather than just a job.

We offer a base for all those teachers who strive to become the best versions of themselves by offering independent, innovative and up-to-date seminars and conferences, regularly keeping our members informed through articles in our newsletters and sharing interesting and relevant information through our social networks on FB and Twitter.

In the world, where being informed is a MUST, can you afford to miss out on any of that?


Ideas     Aspirations     Training     Enthusiasm     Fun     Love for teaching
Because we are social beings and we need to belong, because we want what is best for our learners and ourselves, because in the flood of information, good ideas are even more valuable, because we can choose to keep still or speak out loud, because we care to share, because we have not forgotten why we have become teachers in the first place.
This is why IATEFL Slovenia is the association of our choice.


The association, which was founded in 1995, aims to bring together English Language Professionals from all levels of education in Turkey.
Anybody who is involved in English teaching in or outside Turkey can join INGED.
INGED, the English Language Teachers' Association in Turkey, is a professional and educational association.

is not related to any political party and does not get involved in politics.
aims to help English teachers and/or anyone involved with English language education:

to exchange professional experiences, opinions and findings;
to follow the latest developments in English language education,
to self-develop, to develop English language education by using contemporary scientific methods and techniques.

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The Malaysian English Language Teaching Association

The Malaysian English Language Teaching Association (MELTA) is a voluntary, not-for-profit professional organisation which was officially formed in 1982.  MELTA’s stated constitutional aim is to promote English language teaching.

MELTA is deeply committed to representing all Malaysian English language educators, contributing towards their continuous professional development in line with national goals and aspirations. MELTA is run completely by Malaysian volunteers professionally involved in the teaching of English language and education in the English language. MELTA grew out of two earlier organizations - The English Language Teaching Association and The Selangor English Language Teaching Association and its combined history can be traced to the year 1958. Since then, MELTA has gone through many changes, accommodating itself to the needs of the nation’s English language stakeholders.

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The Philippine Association for Language Teaching, Inc. (PALT) is the oldest professional organization of language teachers in the country. It was founded in 1960 by a group of professional language educators headed by Prof. Aurora L. Samonte. Since then the College of Education of the University of the Philippines in Quezon City has been its base.oals

The association primarily devotes itself to the promotion of excellence in language teaching, language education research, and professional development. It does not only concern itself with the teaching of English but also with the teaching of Filipino, local languages, and for some time, foreign languages such as Spanish.ctivities

PALT holds annual conventions on language teaching that showcase the expertise of the members of the national executive board of officers, its members, and invited scholars here and abroad. In 2001, PALT held its first international conference. It also holds midyear seminar workshops.  In its effort to establish scholarship in language education, PALT gives financial assistance to its members through its Thesis/Dissertation Awards and the Research Grant.rrent Status

At present, PALT is one of the newest country affiliates of the Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) . PALT was installed as the newest country affiliate of the Pan-Asian Consortium for Language Teaching (PAC) on January 25-27, 2007.  PAC members are: English Teachers’ Association – Republic Of China, Korea Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Thai Teachers of English to Speakers Of Other Languages, The Far Eastern English Language Teacher’ Association of Russia, and The Japan Association for Language Teaching.


Mission Statement
Romanian Association of Teachers of English (RATE) este o asociatie profesionala care isi sustine constant membrii si se adreseaza tuturor vorbitorilor de engleza din Romania.

Asociatia noastra pune in valoare calitatile profesionale ale membrilor sai si ofera servicii educationale.

De asemenea, RATE promoveaza legaturi cu alte asociatii profesionale prin proiecte regionale, europene si internationale.

Romanian Association of Teachers of English (RATE) is a professional association that constantly supports its members and addresses all speakers of English in Romania.

Our association highlights the professional qualities of its members and provides educational services.

RATE promotes links with other professional associations through regional, European and international projects.

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TESOL Arabia

TESOL Arabia is a not-for-profit teachers’ membership organisation devoted to the professional development of its members, who are mostly based in the UAE and the Gulf region, though we have many members in other countries around the world. It is run by volunteers elected from its membership and is financed by the subscriptions of its members and the proceeds of its Annual International Conference & Exhibition. The next conference (TACON 2015) will take place 12th – 14th March 2015 at Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The goal of TESOL Arabia is to establish a network of communication among professionals who use English as a medium of instruction, in order to promote and maintain the excellence of their teaching and administration.

We aim to:
the growth of professional development through the encouragement of both practical and theoretical scholarship
the use of available technologies
the instructional methodologies that best meet the needs of our students
the English language teaching profession as a career
a forum for discussion and support

TESOL France

Who are we?
TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) France, an affiliate of TESOL Inc. andIATEFL, is a non-profit organization of teachers of English in France. Its purposes are to stimulate professional development, to disseminate information about research, books and other materials related to English, and to strengthen instruction and research.

We regularly organize high quality events which are opportunities to keep up-to-date with current trends in teaching, to share knowledge and experiences and to meet and network with other teachers.

TESOL France operates through an Executive Committee responsible for, amongst other things, organizing events, publications and membership. But we also have correspondents in the different sectors (primary, university, etc.) who keep us informed of the preoccupations and needs of their sector.

The Teaching Times our quarterly magazine, contains articles, interviews, ready-to-use activities, and reviews. The TESOL France Blog allows you to stay in touch and contribute to what's happening in the world of teaching. Our electronic mailing list is open to members and non-members, keeping you up-to-date on all our events

Tesol International Association

To advance professional expertise in English language teaching and learning for speakers of other languages worldwide
Ideals that members believe in as a professional community:

Professionalism in language education
Interaction of research and practice for educational improvement
Accessible, high quality instruction
Respect for diversity, multilingualism and multiculturalism
Respect for individual language rights
Collaboration in a global community

Core Values

Responsiveness: A service orientation enabled by respectful listening and accountability to mission.
Quality: High standards and excellence characteristic of innovation and creativity in an academically rigorous environment.
Collaboration: Cooperation for the common good within a diverse, inclusive, and culturally sensitive global community.
Integrity: Reputation as a trusted resource earned by ethical, honest, fair, and transparent action.

Nondiscrimination Policy
In principle and in practice, TESOL values and seeks diverse and inclusive participation within the field of English language teaching. TESOL promotes involvement and broad access to professional opportunities for all and works to eliminate any kind of discrimination including, but not limited to, language background, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, appearance, or geographic location.

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