The EFL Magazine TOEFL® Summit for Teachers and School Owners/Managers

Welcome to The EFL Magazine TOEFL ® Summit for Teachers and School Owners/Managers. You can view 15 hours from the summit on the videos below.

video #1

Guy Cihi

TOEFL ® - How to Score Higher Fast

Elena Peresada

Mastering Student Engagement through Team Building.

Miranda Crowhurst

Why You Should Scrap Your Business Plan

Zsuzsanna Smith

How to Retain Your Existing Students

Ania Kolbuszewska

The Flipped Conversation: Moving Away from Conflict

Kris Jagasia

Key Elements to Consider to Scale Your Online School

Josh MacPherson

TOEFL IBT ® vs TOEFL ® Essentials

Lusia Zaitseva

Teaching Beyond the Test

video #2

Julian Warden

Start Teaching Technology

Chris Geary

Start Teaching Technology

Yasemin Arsin

Scoring with Official IBT ® Rubrics, Benchmarks, and Sample Responses.

Joanna Wrzesinska

Scoring with Official IBT ® Rubrics, Benchmarks, and Sample Responses.

Nicola Lutz

Making Sales Naturally More Successful in Your School

Simon Moran

Buying, Selling, and Valuing Schools and ELL Businesses 

Valeria Benevolo

Professional Development: Why, What, and How

Michael Goodine

Teaching TOEFL ® Panel Discussion

John Healy

TOEFL ® Speaking Analytics

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  • Teaching TOEFL ® Reading

Dorothy Zemach

Josh MacPherson

Rob Howard

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