Telephoning & Teleconferencing

Answerphone game
Telephone English exercise
Telephone English role play game
Useful telephone phrases
BBC Learning English
Connecting dialogue
Dialogue mp3
Messages dialogue
Dialogue mp3
Wrong Number dialogue
Dialogue mp3
Appointments dialogue
Dialogue mp3
Flights dialogue
Dialogue mp3
British Council
Telephone role-plays
Telephone numbers pronunciation


Teleconferences/ Videoconferences worksheets page
Telephone job interviews worksheets page
Email and telephoning worksheets
Clarifying phrases games/ worksheets

Telephoning worksheets

Telephoning and teleconferences discussion and personalised practice
More and more difficult telephoning roleplays and useful phrases
Making arrangements telephoning game
Telephoning in English discussion and personalised practice
Telephoning vocabulary and collocations guessing games
Continue the telephone conversations from the useful phrases
Telephoning The same or different
Telephoning roleplays and phrases
Telephoning politeness competition game and politeness roleplays
Telephone or face to face phrases game
Dealing with telephone enquiries tips and useful phrases
Step by step telephoning roleplays (intensive but fun practice)
Starting and ending telephone calls
Telephoning communication breakdown roleplays
Business telephoning problems board game
Telephoning 1
TOEIC-style telephoning practice
Telephoning roleplays for architects
Business phone calls chain writing game
Telephoning language definitions game and roleplays
Telephoning functions review
Telephoning Getting through or not
Telephoning hold up mimes
Telephoning match the conversation pairwork
Telephoning pelmanism (will, can and shall)
Phone phrasals and prepositions board game
Telephoning problems and solutions
Telephoning troubles collocations
Business English Resources

Phrases for Making Telephone Calls in English

Using English
Business English- Phone Conversation Completion
Business English- Teleconference Functions
Business English- Teleconference or Face to Face Game
Business English- Teleconference Politeness Game
Business English- Teleconference Responses
Business English- Video & Teleconference Roleplay Phrases
Technical English Words and Expressions that can and cannot be shortened in English
Teleconferencing- Tips & Phrases
Telephone Enquiries
Telephone or Face to Face?
Telephone Phrases- Brainstorming and Roleplays
Telephone Problems- Board Game
Telephoning & Teleconferencing- Personalised Practice
Telephoning in English- Discussion and Personalised Practice
Telephoning Vocabulary and Collocations
Telephoning- Communication Breakdown Roleplay
Telephoning- Dictating & Checking/Clarifying
Telephoning- Making Arrangements
Telephoning- More Difficult Roleplays and Useful Language

Upper Intermediate / Advanced

Business English- Phone Interview Preparation


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