16 Kinds

16 Kinds

What is this website for?
In 2011, a website was started by an overworked, over-ambitious language school manager with one idea: “there must be someone out there who wants to learn languages better.”

There were thousands of you out there, and new ones keep coming. You keep giving me new ideas, new directions to take my work. But the essence is always this: what can help you guys become multilingual – and enjoy every minute of the process?

This has stopped being just a blog long ago. Now 16kinds is a place to find books, courses, links and like-minded people. It’s a good place to start an argument, look for a new resource, or check back to read the bilingual news. For wannabe polyglots out there, this is – and will always remain – free.
What’s in it for me?
If you’re keen to move on, here are some useful links to start your journey:

– Read the blog. This is what most people keep visiting, and will always be 100% free and open. Share it with anyone.

– Sign on to my newsletter. You’ll receive cool PDF gifts in a welcome pack, and sneak previews of my language learning plans. No spam, ever, and the unsubscribe takes 10 seconds.

– Join my course (saving 87% with this code) or buy my book. It makes me super happy to help you learn.

If you still want to know more, get in touch – there are plenty of ways, butTwitter tends to be my favourite.

Have a great, multilingual time here!


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