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1,000 Conversation Questions What’s inside?

More than 1000 questions divided into more than 100 topics.Each one the 100+ topics contains ten or more thought provoking, conversation starting questions.
Each topic can fill 20 to 40 minutes of class time. (More if you ask students for some of their answers).
No branding so you get all the credit.Easy to print and hand out or copy to a PowerPoint slide.Tips for using conversation questions in the classroom that I have learned during my 8 years of teaching ESL.
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"Great Book For Conversation Topics in an ESL/EFL Classroom
The book is broken down by themes -- holidays, foods, family, sports, etc. and I've used it in my adult ESL class many times to spark conversations. It's my first choice of conversation books I go to when I need a filler lesson or want to encourage students to speak up and share their ideas!"

- Amazon Review from Sandie