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500 Grammar Based Conversation Questions Make Grammar Interesting: Elicit the specific grammar structure you are teaching in a natural way with these 500 conversation questions.
This is a unique and incredibly useful resource book for ESL and EFL teachers. It uses conversation questions to practice specific grammar points in an engaging and natural way. If you teach grammar you'll find this book incredibly useful for discovering errors and reinforcing grammar structures.

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This is a fabulous book to supplement your lessons in the ESL university/adult education classroom. I use a listening/speaking text from a popular publisher, and I frequently find it lacking for speaking exercises that my students can use to apply the grammar points presented in the book. This book is the perfect solution to that problem. It is organized by grammar points - ones that you'll commonly find in any of the big-company ESL texts. In addition, the book starts with a brief section on some suggested uses for the questions in the classroom. Then, each grammar section begins with an overview of the grammar point, which I've found useful in expanding my class text's explanations. Within each group of questions, you'll also find that there are questions targeted at different language skills - so there is something for all learners. I own a copy of another book from this author, and I use it throughout my semesters. I was thrilled to have another of this author's books, and I am sure it will become a well-loved desktop friend.

- Mexicancatdance, Amazon Review