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English for Job Interviews (Teacher Book) This teacher book accompanies a student workbook.
We designed the workbook for intermediate to lower advanced level students (B2 and C1 on the
European scale) but can be used by lower intermediate levels with guidance from a teacher.  
The workbook can be used as self‐study, but was originally created to be used in class with a
teacher. Each of its 5 parts has a lesson plan, which can be expanded or changed as preferred.
Each part takes approximately 90 minutes with the discussion exercises and role‐plays described
below, or 20‐40 minutes in self‐study.
We’ve avoided giving lists of phrases or words to memorise and parrot back. Instead, the
workbook focuses on helping the students reflect on the best responses and create a more
personal reply, which they can then write down and review.For the open questions, the questions are asked first and then the ‘answers’ in the form of notes
or tips are given on a following pages


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