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How to Survive and Thrive Overseas One of the biggest mistakes people make in their lives is to put off, put off, put off - until later - until they meet some artificial criteria - before they act and do what is needed to get what they really want from life. It is a simple thing, okay maybe not super simple, to land yourself a decent job abroad and to get yourself living in a country where you can live reasonably well for 1/2, 1/3 or even less of what you think it costs you to live well where you are now. Where you can often save money even on a very modest wage. And, at the same time, you are seeing and traveling and experiencing the real world out there - not just the shopping malls, SUV payments, under-water mortgages and other things that can make life in the Western world seem, well . . . a bit plastic at times.
There is an ease of remaining in your home country in that it is nice and safe and that makes it easy to blame others, or the economy or whatever for your lack of progress in getting what you want out of life. And there are plenty of people there to naysay and put you back on the course to dull mediocrity and a sad dull boring life . . . just like theirs. They don't want you to break the mold, it would only disturb their own resignation to their paths. Come on . . . Get with it!


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