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6 Tips for Teaching TOEFL Online 2022

Tips for Teaching TOEFL Online

During a panel discussion included in EFL Magazine’s TOEFL Training Summit last week, participants were asked about possible gaps in the TOEFL training market that prospective teachers could fill. My […]

The Future of English Language Teaching is Liberal Arts

Our disrupted world is poised for more disruption. New technologies have already upended many industries and professions. English language teaching and education more generally have not been an exception. Language […]

EFL News From Around The World

EFL News From Around The World

EFL News From Around The World Welcome to our weekly “EFL News From Around The World” news section, bringing you the latest happenings from the world of English language teaching.   […]

One-to-One: Promoting Learner Autonomy

Promoting Learner Autonomy

One-to-one: Promoting Learner Autonomy Have you ever had the feeling that there’s not much left for you to do but watch your student’s rapid growth resulting from his or her […]