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Edinburgh’s EFL revival?

Following the twin blows of Covid and Brexit, there are signs of renewed life in Edinburgh’s EFL scene. While several schools have closed for good in the last three years, […]

Making the Most Out of Your Coursebooks

Making the Most Out of Your Coursebooks

The role of coursebooks in EFL is a topic of some controversy.  For many, language books form the backbone of their curriculums, and some EFL teachers have a strong loyalty […]

7 More Favourite EFL Books


EFL Magazine is delighted to highlight 7 EFL Books suggestions which we hope may be useful to you all.  A big EFL Magazine Thank You! to our 7 book reviewers […]

ESL Placement Tests – An Analysis

ESL Placement Tests

ESL Placement Tests -An Analysis How accurate is the placement test at your school? How do you know? Can the data gathered through the placement test be used in other […]

Non-Native Teachers and ELT Discrimination

non-native English teacher

Non-Native Teachers and ELT Discrimination If the title has shocked you, then I’m glad. If as a native English speaker (NS) you feel slightly offended, then I apologise, but I […]