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Icebreaker Activities for EFL Students

It’s advisable to use icebreaker activities or “getting to know you” activities, so that students can become more familiar with each other and get along better as the course progresses. […]

Activities to Learn Students’ Names

Activities to learn students’ names When you start teaching a new group of students, it’s important to begin learning their names right away. As Lang (2020) puts it, “learning and […]

An Interview with John F. Faneslow

An Interview with John F. Faneslow

With Alexandra Chistyakova Interview with John F. Fanselow, professor emeritus at Teachers College, Columbia University, USA, and a faculty member of the International Teacher Education Institute (iTDi). John F. Fanselow […]

How Important Can A Teacher’s Meeting Be?

How Important Can A Teacher

By Leticia Sales As with most schools in Brazil, the one where I am a pedagogical coordinator has a teacher’s meeting (or branch) meeting at the beginning of every semester, […]