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Book Review: A Descriptive Grammar of English

A Descriptive Grammar of English

The question of whether to teach grammar prescriptively or descriptively has been much debated in the ELT community. On the one hand, teaching prescriptive grammar, according to a fixed set […]

Top 10 Books for New ELT Teachers

Books for EFL Teachers

Top 10 Books for New ELT Teachers There is always help and advice available on books for ELT teachers. Whether it is from Facebook groups, forums or from colleagues, you […]

Mobile Learning ‘Book Review’

Mobile Learning 'Book Review'

By Shaun Wilden Mobile Learning Oxford University Press ISBN 978-0-19-420039-4 This slim volume of around 100 pages is all about helping teachers to come to terms with and exploit mobile […]

How Important Can A Teacher’s Meeting Be?

How Important Can A Teacher

By Leticia Sales As with most schools in Brazil, the one where I am a pedagogical coordinator has a teacher’s meeting (or branch) meeting at the beginning of every semester, […]