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Best for pronunciation and Fluency

AISATS is a speaking test and interview platform which alleviates the need for an interviewer, saving you time and money. Allowing institutions and businesses to operate more efficiently

Best for toefl speaking practice

My Speaking Score gives data-driven feedback on TOEFL speaking allowing teachers and students to pinpoint where TOEFL students are losing points to score highly on the TOEFL

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TOEFL Speaking Practice - My Speaking Score

Increase TOEFL Speaking scores by 27% in 2 weeks with instant data from SpeechRater - the same engine ETS uses to score TOEFL Speaking responses.

TOEFL Speaking Practice
  • Results in one minute 
  • Boost TOEFL scores
  • Precise feedback

Pronunciation and Fluency Assessment - AISATS

AISATS is a speaking test and interview platform that eliminates the need for interviewers. It enables efficient and consistent evaluations on open-ended questions, improving education and recruitment quality.

  • Get student leads
  • Accurate placement test
  • Progress feedback

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