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Case Study: The AI Solution to South Korea’s Declining English Proficiency

Case Study: The AI Solution to South Korea’s Declining English Proficiency

My Speaking Score’s second biggest market outside of the US is South Korea. 

The peninsula’s slipping ranks in English proficiency is a clarion call for innovative solutions in language education. Indeed, recent data from Education First’s “2023 English Proficiency Index” is more than just numbers—it’s a narrative of a nation grappling with language barriers in a rapidly globalizing world. Once ranking 36th, South Korea’s fall to 49th place is reflective of the broader trend in East Asia, where countries like China and Japan have also faced declines. Amidst this linguistic conundrum stands My Speaking Score, an AI-powered English proficiency assessment platform ready to transform how Koreans approach spoken English practice.

Addressing the Challenge with Advanced Technology

Widely known as a TOEFL Speaking prep tool, My Speaking Score’s sophisticated AI tools can also be tailored to diagnose and enhance general English-speaking skills. By simulating a variety of speaking scenarios, the platform offers users a safe space to practice and receive instantaneous, detailed feedback. Unlike traditional testing methods, which can be costly and less frequent, My Speaking Score utilizes the cost-efficiency of AI to provide accessible and regular speaking assessments, essential for progress. “I use it with my students for general fluency development,” says Kim Eun Sun, an English teacher based in Seoul, noting that My Speaking Score also has ELSA integration for pronunciation practice. 

A Focus on Speaking

The proficiency woes in East Asia, including South Korea, are partly attributed to educational models that historically prioritize reading and listening over speaking. My Speaking Score responds to this imbalance by centering its evaluation on the spoken word, thus promoting a more holistic approach to language learning that reflects real-world use and requirements.

Empowering Learners and Educators

In the face of decreasing numbers of Korean students in the United States, My Speaking Score serves as a vital tool for students intending to pursue overseas education or careers in global environments. By providing practice and assessment that align with international standards, My Speaking Score empowers learners to take charge of their language acquisition journey.

A Personal Mission 

With a moderate proficiency rating that just hovers above average, the potential for improvement in South Korea is significant. My Speaking Score is strategically positioned to assist in this linguistic recovery, offering a scalable, affordable solution that schools and language centers can adopt without the prohibitive costs traditionally associated with speaking tests. 

My Speaking Score’s founder, John Healy, is particularly passionate about English proficiency in South Korea – he spent 15 years in the country as a language teacher. “You can really trace everything I know about English language learning and assessment to the years I spent in thousands of classrooms all over Korea,” he says.


The linguistic landscape of South Korea is at a crossroads, and My Speaking Score is the guidepost towards English proficiency. It’s not just about climbing the ranks in a global index but about unlocking the potential for communication, connection, and opportunities on the world stage. 

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