Taking Language Learning Outside the Classroom

As digital natives, students demand innovative ways to learn outside of classical modes of learning. The use of smartphones for English language instruction has opened up a wealth of possibilities […]

7 More Favourite EFL Books


EFL Magazine is delighted to highlight 7 EFL Books suggestions which we hope may be useful to you all.  A big EFL Magazine Thank You! to our 7 book reviewers […]

Why Languages Don’t Need Grammar Rules

Grammar Rules

It is pointless to learn languages using grammar rules. Looking for a common denominator or a formula is a mathematical operation that makes no sense in languages.

Using Mobile Technology in the Classroom

Mobile Technology

Mobile technology is an almost inescapable aspect of our contemporary culture. It seems that with very few exceptions, most aspects of our lives can be enhanced, supported, and occasionally disrupted […]

Book Review: Discussions Volume 1

Discussions Volume 1

Discussions Volume 1 by Adrian Wallwork and Liz Hoeppner. In the late 90’s, Cambridge University Press (CUP) released two books titled Discussions A-Z (Intermediate and Advanced) that were highly original and […]

How to Teach IELTS Speaking

How to Teach IELTS Speaking

How to Teach IELTS Speaking When you have to prepare your students for the IELTS exam, you’re up for a task that is far from easy, especially when it comes […]

Teach Your Students to Remember English

Teach Your Students to Remember English

By: Jonty Yamisha Breaking Down Steps for Efficient Memorization Memorization isn’t a mysterious practice. One student who can memorize a poem doesn’t necessarily have a better memory than the others. […]