John Healy’s New Company Helps Teachers Beat TOEFL Speaking

Today’s guest is John Healy. I chat to John about his career in IT prior to begging to teach English. We talk also about his time in Korea and his new company


John is the founder and CEO of My Speaking Score, an AI speech assessmenttool that evaluates spoken English and predicts TOEFL Speaking scores. With over a decade of experience as a university professor in South Korea (Yeungnam, Korea University), John has logged thousands of classroom hours training both students and teachers in test prep strategies and academic subjects. His online courses Study With It, TOEFL Clear Strategies and Tactics, TOEFL Turbo Tactics, and others, have helped learners from over 100 countries develop English skills and earn high TOEFL scores. John earned his MA in TESOL from Anaheim and resides in Florence, Italy with his wife and daughter.