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Synthetic Phonics for EFL/ESL Learners

Synthetic Phonics

Let us begin with the most basic question: what exactly is “synthetic phonics”? To “synthesize” means to combine parts or elements together. Using the term “to synthesize” in a literacy […]

A Short Guide to Acronyms in ELT

Acronyms in ELT

Acronyms in ELT: What they mean and where and how they are used.  Like any profession or field, the teaching of English has evolved and developed a whole range of […]

In Defence of Rhetoric in the EFL Classroom

Rhetoric is a fringe subject in ELT. This is evident from its sparse inclusion in pedagogical ELT books. When included it is always in disguise: English for persuasion, developing an […]

Experiential/Hands-on Learning in TEFL

Experiential/Hands on Learning-Experiential Learning in TEFL

Experiential/Hands-on Learning in TEFL Experiential/hands-on learning has long been proclaimed by educators including myself as a fundamental factor in setting children up to have a lifelong love of learning and […]