Politeness & Cultural Training

Business English Resources
Using Softening Phrases to Make Polite Requests
Using English
Business English- Formality & Politeness in Requests
Business English- Formality and Politeness in Business Requests
Business English- Hospitality & Politeness
English Matters
Politeness in English book
MacMillan English
Socialising with confidence
Business Culture
Politeness Competition Game
Business cultural differences and related phrases
Meeting people in business cultural differences and phrases
Business meetings guess the country
Xmas party negotiations
Cultural differences mini-meetings
Business Xmas cards do’s and don’ts
Presentations advice on cultural differences
Business/ American business etiquette modals
General Culture
Taboo topics cultural training worksheets
Body language/ gestures cultural differences worksheets
Food and drink cultural differences worksheets
Business EFL cultural training worksheets
Superstitions worksheets









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