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Introduction to meetings

Chairing a meeting worksheets

Chairing a meeting functions review
Chairing a meeting roleplays

Meetings on specific topics

Company buffet business meetings
Food business brainstorming meeting
Present Perfect for progress check meetings
Mini brainstorming meetings
Mini meetings about brands
Mini meetings about cultural differences
Gender roles case studies– with language of strong and mild agreement and disagreement
Company departments meetings and vocabulary

Other meetings worksheets

Meetings vocabulary opinions practice
Starting meetings and interrupting
Talking about meetings interrupting
Meetings language reversi
Advice about bad business meetings
Meetings cultural differences Guess the country
Too informal for most business meetings
Too formal for most business meetings
Meetings vocabulary suggestions practice

Using English


Business English Meetings- Too Formal
Business English Meetings- Too Informal
Business English- Chairing Meetings Functions
Business English- Chairing Meetings Roleplay
Meeting and Negotiations Colllocations- Dominoes
Meetings and Negotiations- Prepositions pairwork
Meetings- vocabulary of opinions practice
BBC Learning
Agenda setting dialogue
Dialogue mp3
Dialogue mp3
Agreeing & disagreeing
Dialogue mp3
Any other business
Dialogue mp3
Language expert
English Club
Vocabulary Quiz
Preparing for a Meeting
Opening a Meeting
Following the Agenda
Closing a Meeting
Self-Assessment Test
British Council
Getting down to business
Lesson plan
Managing a meeting
Lesson plan


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