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Macmillan English
Teaching socialising skills
Did you really?
Could you tell me?
Small talk
Teacher’s notes
Cultural differences
English phrases for smalltalk and socialising
British Council
Socialising – Breaking the ice lesson plan
Socialising – Breaking the ice worksheets
Socialising – Keeping conversations going lesson plan
Socialising – Keeping conversations going worksheets
Socialising – Social networking lesson plan
Socialising – Social networking worksheets
Socialising – Active listening lesson plan
Socialising – Active listening worksheets
Socialising – From contact to partner lesson plan
Socialising – From contact to partner worksheets
Using English
Meeting people & cultural differences
Starting conversations
Meeting People & Meeting People Again
Meeting People- Questions with Answers
Meeting People- Response Matching withTeachers’ Notes
Social Language at Conferences and Trade Fairs
ELT Base
Starting & maintaining conversations
Teach This
Meeting people – mingling activity
Making smalltalk activity
Smalltalk techniques
Showing interest and expressing appreciation
The office party activity
BBC Learning English
Socialising in business English dialogue
Dialogue mp3
Meeting people and greetings page


Language for hosts and guests in restaurants
Inviting and dealing with invitations phrases and speaking
Business socialising discussion
Needs analysis and business small talk
Places to take guests
Social English for business
Typical business questions brainstorming game
Language for entertaining a foreign visitor
Business hospitality politeness competition
Social language at conferences and trade fairs
Business hospitality First conditional discussion











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