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Teach This
Advice Game
Advice for Aches & Pains
Asking for & Giving Advice
Careers Advice
Giving Advice Worksheet
Guess the Problem
I’ve Got a Problem
Problems & Advice
The Best Advice
Travel Advice
What Should I Do?
Problem Page
TEFL Tastic

Games/ Worksheets

Advice for language learning problems
Longer advice phrases card games
Love and marriage stories and advice
Relationships Advice and proverbs
Travel advice Guess the country
Giving advice Vocabulary revision game
If I were you phrasal verbs Advice game
Recommending music for particular people
Recommending countries to visit Version 1
Recommending countries to visit Version 2 
Recommending countries to visit Advanced version
Third conditional and past modals advice
Comparatives and superlatives recommendations challenge
Travel advice – South Korea





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