Getting Your Money to Work for You through Strategic Investing, with Nicola Prentis

Nicola Prentis started off in ELT as a teacher, bouncing around the world wherever she most wanted to go at the time: Czech Republic, Turkey, Australia, Spain, Thailand. She started writing EFL materials as a way to transition into working from her sofa and settled in Spain around 2012. Once she realised she could sell ideas to magazines, she branched out into writing about travel, food, parenting, even Brxit and Love Island for publications including Cosmo, The Independent and the Wall Street Journal (OK, it was only one article in each of those!).

After a brief period of speaking at conferences, she realised she wasn’t going to earn any more from writing than she had from teaching and the shine had faded from sitting at home not talking to anyone all day. At the same time, she began wondering what she could do with her savings, carefully scrimped over 20 years. The answer led her into teaching herself about investing from a starting point of utter cluelessness.

That was quickly followed by the realisation that many, many people in ELT had the same lack of knowledge about investing and that all her years of teaching and creating educational materials were about to come in handy… the result is The Chilled Investor. A beginner course on investing that can take anyone from clueless to clued up in 6 weeks. to sign up to the newsletter to be the first to hear about it.

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