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How Tyson Batino Built a 7-8 Figure Teaching Business in Tokyo

Today’s guest is Tyson Batino. Tyson talks about his journey from being a language-school teacher to co-owner of 11 English schools in Tokyo. Tyson talks about the challenges of scaling his business, finding cash, and the success he’s had with implementing an ‘LCC model’.


Tyson started his adventure in Japan as an Eikaiwa teacher, transitioned to ALT, and then to Interac Trainer.

With 2 Japanese co-founder, they started the fast growing One Coin English language school chain with 11 branches in Japan and affordable Japanese lesson provider Japan Switch.

He also started one of the best websites for job and japanese learning information at using his HR background and tips and tricks he used to pass JLPT N1 and a website and podcast on starting a business in Japan

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