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Mastering Sales and Selling for Success, with Nicola Lutz

Today’s guest is Nicola Lutz. Nicola and I talk about sales and selling, what to expect and prepare for in the sales cycle, and how to maximise sales opportunities and encounters in order to add to your company’s bottom line.


Nicola is a sales trainer, mentor and coach. She helps those that need to sell do so in an authentic, customer-led way with integrity. She has the credentials to back it up – She has 26 year’s experience of selling, sales management, sales directorship and training and coaching.

She is a Fellow of the Institute of Sales Management, which is the highest level they accredit. They also keep her up to date with my own learning of new skills, technology and methods.

She is a member of the CPD Accreditation body, which means she focuses on tangible learning outcomes from her training.

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