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Succeeding as an English and Neurolanguage® Coach in Japan, with Emi Kamiya

Emi Kamiya, M.A., M.S., Ph.D., is the founder of Kamiya English Coaching, Japan, which provides online coaching services for Japanese learners of English. She is the first language coach from Asia to be accredited and certified by the International Coach Federation. As a coach, Emi applies her extensive experience in language education, both in the US and Japan, which includes: teaching Japanese as a foreign language; and teaching English as a second or foreign language to learners of all ages from various linguistic backgrounds. Emi supports and encourages her clients to acquire the skills that will enable them to independently continue their own learning. As a researcher, she conducts research on the learners’ use of English in real-life conversations. She is a Neurolanguage® coach  She is currently in Japan.




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