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Grammar Teaching and The Problem of Terminology

Grammar teaching

Grammar Teaching and The Problem of Terminology “What’s in a word?” Shakespeare once asked. And his answer: “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  In other words, […]

Cubing: Recharging the Power of Brainstorming

“My family had to escape from our country because of it.” My EAP (English for Academic Purposes) class had ‘cubed’ the lesson topic – describing, comparing, analysing, arguing, telling a […]

A Short Guide to Acronyms in ELT

Acronyms in ELT

Acronyms in ELT: What they mean and where and how they are used.  Like any profession or field, the teaching of English has evolved and developed a whole range of […]

Trends in EFL Teaching, 2021

With the vast changes in teaching and learning that have literally been forced upon educators since early 2020, we as language teachers must stay focused upon our goal: to meaningfully […]

A Moral Dilemma in My Teaching Career

THE MORAL QUESTION Would you put your own job in jeopardy to highlight the needs of your students? Yes? Read the question again. Even if it meant losing your own […]

Evidence-Based Second Language Pedagogy

Evidence-Based Second Language Pedagogy

A collection of instructed second language acquisition studies Masatoshi Sato & Shawn Loewen (Eds.) New York, NY: Routledge 358 pages ISBN-10: 0815392532 ISBN-13: 978-0815392538 Instructed second language acquisition (ISLA) is a “subdiscipline […]