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Teach English with Minecraft

Teaching English with Minecraft

Teach English with Minecraft Even if you have absolutely no interest in computer games, you have probably heard about Minecraft. If you teach or have kids, you have probably heard […]

Experiential/Hands-on Learning in TEFL

Experiential/Hands on Learning-Experiential Learning in TEFL

Experiential/Hands-on Learning in TEFL Experiential/hands-on learning has long been proclaimed by educators including myself as a fundamental factor in setting children up to have a lifelong love of learning and […]

Using Gboard in Language Learning Settings

Using Gboard

With the advent of CALL (computer assisted language learning) in educational settings, a proliferation of experimental studies has addressed possible novel uses of cutting-edge gadgets and software in language classes. […]

Teach Your Students to Remember English

Teach Your Students to Remember English

By: Jonty Yamisha Breaking Down Steps for Efficient Memorization Memorization isn’t a mysterious practice. One student who can memorize a poem doesn’t necessarily have a better memory than the others. […]

Quizlet for Language Teaching

Quizlet for Language Teaching In 2017, I co-wrote an article, Quizlet – Create Engaging Vocabulary Study Sets, about the basics of using Quizlet to assist students with vocabulary acquisition.  Since […]