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Teach Business English with Mind Maps

Teach Business English

Teach Business English with Mind Maps A mind map is an invaluable tool to teach business English. A mind map is a diagram used to visually organize information. It starts

Teach Phrasal Verbs – The Global Approach

Teach Phrasal Verbs – The Global Approach Teachers and learners tend to perceive Phrasal Verbs as difficult to learn, particularly as they seem to have so many alternative meanings, yet

How to Choose ELT Coursebooks or Materials

ELT Coursebooks

There are so many different coursebooks, worksheets and other resources available for teaching English nowadays; how can teachers or directors of study choose which ones to use?   Additionally, as other

The Post Pandemic Student 

Like many others, I was looking forward to the return to face-to-face classes after COVID 19 had peaked and most of us were vaccinated. Most of my colleagues and I

7 More Favourite EFL Books


EFL Magazine is delighted to highlight 7 EFL Books suggestions which we hope may be useful to you all.  A big EFL Magazine Thank You! to our 7 book reviewers