Starting a School in Japan – Introduction

For foreigners living in Japan, starting your own language school has to be the most common business considered, attempted and, in varying degrees, failed at. While the market for another English school seems to be saturated, there are many opportunities for hard-working, entrepreneurial minded foreigners in Japan.

How to Activate Your Classes with Drama

Many teachers are well aware of techniques like dialogues or roleplaying as standard parts of many textbooks for teaching ESL/EFL conversation, for example. However, they may not be aware of […]

Build Rapport with Students – 10 Strategies

Let’s look at 10 strategies to build rapport with your students.  Remember their names Sometimes we think the most magical words a student can ever hear are ‘that’s all for […]

Taking Language Learning Outside the Classroom

As digital natives, students demand innovative ways to learn outside of classical modes of learning. The use of smartphones for English language instruction has opened up a wealth of possibilities […]

Teaching English without a Book – EFL

Teaching English without a book

Time to stop quoting sentence fragments from a book! Find out Teaching English without a book with these foolproof tips from a teaching legend. The main idea of this research […]

Multi-Level ESL Classes: Teaching Strategies

teaching multi-level ESL classes

Multi-Level ESL Classes: Teaching Strategies When I began my first position teaching English as a Second Language, I hadn’t anticipated some of the challenges I would face teaching multi-level ESL […]

ColloCaid: Helping with Academic English Collocations


Teachers, editors, proof-readers, or indeed anyone who regularly reviews texts can confirm that many writers struggle when choosing word combinations which sound natural. In general, choosing strong collocations (words that […]

7 More Favourite EFL Books


EFL Magazine is delighted to highlight 7 EFL Books suggestions which we hope may be useful to you all.  A big EFL Magazine Thank You! to our 7 book reviewers […]

Top 10 Books for New EFL Teachers

Books for EFL Teachers

There is always help and advice available on books for EFL teachers. Whether it is from Facebook groups, forums or from colleagues, you are never far away from some tips […]