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Christmas English Games For Beginner to Intermediate Learners

Christmas English Games For Beginner to Intermediate Learners

Most english teachers are familiar with the 12 Days of Christmas song, this lesson plan uses that Christmas song to create a fun, songful english class with students. The students will work together to create their own song, to listen carefully and project their voices as they speak in english.

This game can be modified by the english teacher to fit in with the current lesson plans that are being taught – there are in hundreds of ways in which this drama game can be adjusted for the english class according to the grammar or topics being focused on in the class. 

To begin this exercise, sing or play the song ̈The Twelve Days of Christmas ̈ This can be an opportunity to introduce students to english culture through a very commonly known song. 

Afterwards, tell students that they will be writing a new version of the song and calling it, The Twelve Days of Winter Break. A melody only version of the song can be found ​here​. 

Writing the Winter Break Original Song: 

Assign students to groups of four. Give each group the handout, The Twelve Days of Winter Break. Ask the groups to work together to fill in the blanks, being mindful of the original melody. 

Rather than say “On the first day of Christmas….” – the students will start each sentence with “On the first day of Winter Break….” and then follow it with a line that is appropriate for the content of the English class being taught (rather than “my true love sent to me”). For example it could be “oh, this is what I did…” or “my granny said to me…” or “this is what I ate…” 

Performing the Song Together: 

Each individual in the group will be responsible for singing certain days. The trick in this exercise is to hit your mark, enunciate and not miss your cues! 


CHARACTER 1: Sings the FIRST day, the EIGHTH day, and the TWELFTH day CHARACTER 2: Sings the SECOND day, the FIFTH day, and the NINTH day CHARACTER 3: Sings the THIRD day, the SEVENTH day, and the ELEVENTH day CHARACTER 4: Sings the FOURTH day, the SIXTH day, and the TENTH day 

Play the instrumental version of the song and help the students by giving them their cues for when their day is, the teacher can sing along with “on the first day of winter break” etc. if the students are not familiar with when to come in. There is a very good chance that the students will make mistakes while performing this song, but that they will also laugh a lot and enjoy it. 

Here is an example of what the song can be like in the end: 

“On the ______ day of Winter Break, Oh, this is what I did…” First day: Watched TV all morning
Second day: Slept in late
Third day: Pinched my sister 

Fourth day: Stepped in chewing gum
Fifth day: Did my homework. NAH!
Sixth day: Ate too much candy
Seventh day: Read my sister’s diary Eighth day: Forgot to do the dishes
Ninth day: Flushed crayons down the toilet Tenth day: Screamed at my brother Eleventh day: Spilled glue on the carpet Twelfth day: Drove my Parents CRAZY! 

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