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Articles, qualifiers & determiners explained


ESL Lounge
Advanced Quantifiers Error Correction Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Advanced Quantifiers Error Correction Worksheet 2
Answer Sheet
Quantifiers Reordering Worksheet
Answer Sheet
“All” Reordering Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Quantifiers Gap Fill Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Quantifiers Agreement Multiple Choice
Answer Sheet
Article Gap Fill – The Town Of Most
Answer Sheet

Games & Activities

Logic puzzles – articles practice
A, An, The, Snap
Film titles articles istakes
Articles – explain the difference
Top language learning tips practice
Fame & Fortune top tips articles practice
Money discussion questions articles practice
Proverbs articles pairwork game
Next weekend articles practice + worksheet
Medical English articles definitions game
Technical English articles definitions game
Air travel compound nouns and articles dominoes
Money proverbs articles practice
Inside Out Upper U3 reading articles practice
Men and shopping articles and discussion





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