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Conversation Questions for WORD + PARTICLE Combinations and Gap Fill Texts

  1. WORDS “A” only– – Paola and her jealous boyfriend
  2. WORDS “B” to “C” – King Richard and the youthful Cordelia
  3. WORDS “D” to “E” – George the Veterinary Surgeon & Susan the Geologist
  4. WORDS “F” to “J” – Diana, Princess of Wales
  5. WORDS “K” to “P” – Jimmy Miller, playwright and folk singer
  6. WORDS “Q” to “S” – Football Managers, Faith Healers and Psychologists
  7. WORDS “T” to “Z” – Lola’s Love for Alicante
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Games & Activities

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Adjective plus preposition sentence completion guessing game and Cutting Edge version
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Dependent prepositions snap/ pelmanism
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