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Modals of deduction explained
EC English
Past modals of deduction explained


ESL Lounge
Modal Verbs of Deduction Practice
Answer Sheet
Past Modal Rewriting Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Modals of Deduction – The Titanic
Answer Sheet

Games & Activities

EFL Sensei
Detectives – Past Modals Deduction Game
ELT Games
Telepathy – Past Modals of Deduction Game
Guess the story from the headlines modals of probability/ possibility
Wallace and Gromitt The Wrong Trousers modals of probability/ possibility
Xmas modals of deduction
World History Past Modals of Probability
Inventions guessing game
Advertising slogans modals
ESL Resources
Pictures for modal verbs of deduction
EFL Smart
Modals of deductions game – Sherlock Holmes
BBC World Service
The Flatmates








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