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ESL Lounge
Can or Could (Ability) Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Can/Can’t Present Tense Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Can Error Correction Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Can’ Sentence Reordering 
Answer Sheet
Can You/ Can I ? – Permission Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Can or Can’t (Ability) Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Can You / Can I ? Permission Gap Fill
English for Everyone
Can and Could Worksheet – Ability, Willingness, Possibility, Permission
Auto English
Modals of Ability – Can, Could, Be Able To
Modal Verbs of Permission and Ability Worksheet 
Perfect English Grammar
Modals of Ability Exercise
Language Worksheets
Can or Can’t Worksheet
Teach This
David`s Day – Obligation Has To Exercise

Games & Activities

ESL Lounge
Can Flashcards
Teach This
Ability Bingo
Can you?- Pair Work Speaking Activity
Crazy Abilities -Speaking Card Game Activity
Find someone Who Can – Speaking Activity
Fun Ability Test
Guess the Place or Situation
How Well Can You?
Modals of Ability Lesson Plan
Modal Of Possibility- What’s That Noise?

Obligation, Prohibition and Necessity

The Modal Hotel – Obligation and Ability Homework and Speaking Activity
Where is it? – Using Modals of Obligation and Prohibition
EFL Sensei
Find Someone Who
Rules of America and The UK
Show Me!
ELT Games
Can/Can’t Ability



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