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Teach This
Are you going to?
To be going to
Will – Predicting the Future
Going To or Will – Writing Activity
ESL Lounge
Going to – Matching Exercise
Answer Sheet
Going To – Error Correction
Answer Sheet
Going To – Reordering
Answer Sheet
ELT Base
Making Predictions
Future Intentions – Will or Going To Worksheets
Will – Future Uses Worksheets
Future inventions guess the year game
Xmas predictions with Will
Predict the year game
Auto English
Going To Exercise
Going To or Will Worksheet
Present Continuous & Be Going To
MacMillan English
Going To : Future Worksheet
Language Worksheets
Be Going To – Long Worksheet
Will and Going To – 1 Hour Worksheet
Pearson Longman
New Year’s Worksheet – Going To
Perfect English Grammar
Future Simple Form:
Future Simple Postive
Future Simple Negative
Future Simple Questions
Future Simple or Present Simple?
Choose the Future Simple or Present Simple Exercise 1
Will or be going to?
Choose the Future Simple (Will) or ‘Be Going To’ Exercise 1
Your English Source
Going to with so & because

Games & Activities

ESL Lounge
Going To Card Game
Going To Flashcards
Teach This
Chairs of the Future
What’s in the Bag?
Future Board Game – Will, Going To, Won’t, Would Like To
Guess What I’m Going To Do 
ESL Sensei
How Many People Are Going To ?
Paper Fortune Teller
Plans & Hopes
ELT Base
Will Vs Going To Dominoes
Pearson Longman
Future with Going To Role-Playing Activity
ELT Games
Going To for Future Plans – Conversation Activity
Going To for Predictions with Evidence – Conversation Activity



Going To



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