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Order of adjectives worksheet
Pearson Longman
Adjectives with ed / ing – giving opinions
K12 Reader
Linking verbs worksheet
English to Go
Extreme adjectives worksheet
BBC Learning English
Comparative/superlative adjectives 1
Comparative/superlative adjectives 2
Adjective order 1
Adjective order 2
IES Montevives
Noun & adjective suffixes worksheet
Adverbs & adjectives in use grammar worksheet
Which One adjectives worksheet
Circle my adjective worksheet

Adjective Suffixes

Adjectives formed with suffixes worksheet
IES Montevives
Noun & adjective suffixes worksheet
Adjectives suffixes worksheet

Games & Activites

Teach This
Adjective + Noun Dominoes
Compound Adjective Catchphrase – Speaking Game
What Do People Do for a Living? – Describing Game
ESL Lounge
What Sort of Person Are You? – Personality Adjectives Game
Tefl Geek
A Lesson on Comparatives
Adjectives to Describe Last Week
Adjectives & Media VocabularyPersonalisation Game
ELT Games
Adjective + Preposition Collocations Matching Exercise



Someone like you worksheet

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