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Needs analysis and language learning rules

Games & Activities

Teach This
Necessary Skills – Speaking Activity
When you were a child – Obligation, Prohibition and Permission Speaking Activity
ESL Lounge

Modal Game of Chance

EFL Sensei
You Might Be…Charades Game
Sports Hidden Picture Game – Present Possibility
Detectives – Present Probability Game
Must & Have To – Roommate Rules Speaking Activity
Good and bad rules discussion
Prohibitions Guess the place
Prohibitions signs pictionary
Rules and regulations bluff game
School and university rules modals (academic vocabulary)
School and university rules have to had to didn’t have to
Cultural rules modals pairwork
Modals personalised sentence completion games (guessing or bluff)
Rules and regulations pictionary
Accommodation rules guessing game
Crime 20 questions
Transport in the UK trivia quiz
Travel advice guess the country






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