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Reference & Resources

English Club
Passive voice explained


ESL Lounge
Passive or Active Worksheet
Answer Sheet
My Country – Passive Error Correction
Answer Sheet
Present Perfect Passive – Computer Messages Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Past Participle Spelling
Answer Sheet
Passive Sentences – Extra or Mis-Spelt Word 
Answer Sheet
Teach This
Passive Voice – Comprehensive Worksheet Activity
Processes  – Describing Processes with Passive
Perfect English Grammar
Passive with the Present Simple
Passive with the Past Simple
Passive with the Present Perfect
Passive with the Future Simple
Passive with mixed tenses
Passive with verbs with two objects

Games & Activities

ESL Lounge
Passive Information Gap – Pair-Work Speaking Activity
Passive Card Game
Teach This
Fact Finder – Matching & Speaking Activity
Its a Passive Christmas – Group of 4 Speaking Activity
Newspaper Headlines using the Passive – Groupwork Activity
Passive Snap – Reading, Listening & Matching Activity
Past Passive Quiz – Quiz Pairwork Activity
Present Passive Quiz – Quiz Pairwork Activity
Growing up – Past Simple Passive Vs Past Simple Activity
Heads and Tails – Complete Passive Sentences in Past, Present and Future
When I was – Passive Past Experiences + Infinitive Writing and Group Discussion Activity
EFL Sensei
Active Passive – Speaking Activity Changing Active to Passive
Story Swap – Chain Story Game Using Passives
ELT Games
Present Passive Simple Game – What’s it made of ? What’s it used for?
True or False – Past Simple Passive Form Questions
Office inventions Tense review and speaking Extended version
Xmas traditions passives bluff
Passives Guess the country game
Medical Breakthrough Dominoes
Active/ Passive True/ False quiz
Punishment passives and tense review
Passives Disasters storytelling/ dominoes/ pelmanism
Passive apples Grammar code game
Use of English Part One Multiple Choice cloze for passives
Make true and correct active and passive trivia sentences game
Office inventions tense review
Passives tense review
Passives Guess Who game
Hurricanes and cyclones passives
Have something done speaking practice



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