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Reported speech explained


Auto English
Reported Speech Worksheet
Reported Orders Worksheet
Reported Questions Worksheet
Perfect English Grammar
Reported Speech Explanation
Present Simple Reported Statement Exercise
Present Continuous Reported Statement Exercise
Past Simple Reported Statement Exercise
Present Perfect Reported Statement Exercise
Future Simple Reported Statement Exercise
Mixed Tense Reported Statement Exercise
‘Say’ and ‘Tell’
Present Simple Reported Yes/No Question Exercise
Present Simple Reported Wh Question Exercise
Mixed Tense Reported Question Exercise
Reported Requests and Orders Exercise
Reported Speech Mixed Exercise 1
Reported Speech Mixed Exercise 2

Games & Activities

ELT Base
Reported speech activities
EFL Sensei
Say, Tell, Speak, Talk Activity
Reported Speech Exercise
Functional language reported speech storytelling game
Reported speech consequences writing game and Pre-Intermediate version
Reported speech functional language guessing game
Special occasions reported speech cultural differences
Collection of reported speech games
ESL Worksheets & Lesson Plans
Using reported speech – comprehensive activity
Cristina Cabal
Collection of reported speech games
Tim’s Free Lesson Plans
The Interpreter game



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