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Superlatives picture challenge game 

Superlatives animals dimensions guessing game

Comparatives and superlatives recommendations challenge

Comparative and superlative personalised speaking games

Comparing the past and the present comparatives

Your city recommendations Comparative and superlative 

Comparing language Discuss and agree

Adjectives Compare your weeks

Business comparatives boasting game

Email/ SMS/ letter/ telephoning comparatives game 

Food vocabulary comparatives and superlatives

Superlatives numbers trivia

Comparatives and superlatives last weekend

Comparing place and things for tourists

Comparative adjectives to explain your culture

Agreeing on comparisons 

Office vocabulary comparatives guessing game

English File 1 Units 6 to 8 Vocabulary revision comparatives game

Customer service comparisons and discussion

Comparative adjectives How questions personality quizzes

Like/ Would like plus comparatives discussion



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